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Air Travel

Continent Express provides a high-level corporate service for domestic and international air bookings, based on our experienced consultants using advanced global and all local reservation systems to deliver best fares.

We will help you negotiate best in market discounts with the airlines, and apply those discounts to every booking.

Rail Travel

Our experienced corporate consultants use best booking systems to deliver best rail fares. Importantly, for your convenience, Domestic and CIS tickets are issued in-house.


With our specialist local knowledge and established networks, we are the experts in providing best competitive corporate rates in expensive markets such as Moscow, St.Petersburg and other Russian major cities. We offer flexible payment options.

Continent Express will help you to negotiate best rates locally and globally. And, of course, our corporate consultants use both local and global reservation systems.


Through our appointed transport companies we offer transfers in Moscow, St.Petersburg and other cities of Russia and abroad at negotiated corporate rates. The convenience of assisted ground transfers is especially appreciated by international business travellers.

Rent a Car

As with air, rail and accommodation, Continent Express provides a full corporate booking service for rental cars in Russia and abroad, based on best negotiated rates and global and local booking systems.

The Airport VIP Fast Track Service

Entertainment tickets

In-house Couriers

Third party courier services can cause delays and problems. Local regulations can require various documents for many travel situations. Speedy processing is often critical. That is why Continent Express uses its own in-house couriers to ensure prompt delivery of all documents. It is a crucial to deliver travel documents in time and securely.

24 Hours

Continent Express was the first Travel Management Company in Russia to offer around the clock services, starting in 1999. We provide full corporate services, with experienced consultants using full systems, "24 x 7".

Air Charters and Business Jets

We will organise and book air charter services for you not only in Russia but anywhere in the world. Our charter experts will analyse your needs and each situation, and advise you of the costs and options, to deliver a tailored best-value solution.

Implants and Travel Desk

We offer a complete range of service configurations to suit your exact needs and preferences. We manage many implants, outplants and travel desks for clients across Russia, where our consultants manage travel from the clients’ premises. Or, our consultants can work in service teams from Continent Express offices across Russia. Let us discuss the solution that suits your needs.

The Complete Visa Service

Travel to and from Russia requires prompt and complete documentation. Continent Express has a specialist division that delivers fast, efficient and comprehensive management of official business invitations, visas and other requirements for foreign citizens coming to Russia.

Continent Express is accredited with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and arranges the right type of visa for your travellers. Our status also enables us to best provide emergency and short-notice outcomes.

We arrange invitations and visas where appropriate and also assist in arranging working visas. We assist with the necessary accreditation with the Federal Migration Service or the State Chamber of Registration.

And of course, we also assist with visas and requirements for global destinations.

Business Visa to Russia

Travel to and from Russia requires prompt and complete documentation. Continent Express has a specialist division that delivers fast, efficient and comprehensive management of official business invitations, visas and other requirements for foreign citizens coming to Russia.

Continent Express is accredited with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and arranges the right type of visa for your travellers. Our status also enables us to best provide emergency and short-notice outcomes.

We arrange invitations and visas where appropriate and also assist in arranging working visas. We assist with the necessary accreditation with the Federal Migration Service or the State Chamber of Registration.

And of course, we also assist with visas and requirements for global destinations.

Tourist Visa to Russia

Continent Express provides an efficient and prompt service in arranging the full range of official business invitations and visa arrangements for foreign citizens of any nationalities travelling to Russia.

Work Permit

Continent Express’ specialists will advise and consult with you to assist in obtaining the necessary Labour Quotas and Work Permits for different regions in Russia, thereby helping you to obtain working visas in the most effective and timely way.

Foreign Visa for Russian citizens

Continent Express arranges foreign visas for Russian citizens travelling abroad.

Travel Insurance

Continent Express efficiently arranges competitive travel insurance in-house.

Visa Implants

Continent Express can provide you with dedicated visa and migration experts through implants on your own premises.


Event Management



Continent Express provides full specialist services. We will project manage any event, large or small, with attention to every component supplier and service in the package. Each package is tailored to your exact needs, and is designed to maximise your return on the investment. We negotiate with international and Russian local suppliers to minimise costs and mark-ups on your behalf, in a fully transparent process. Our experienced Event Managers will be with you all the way, from initial budgeting, design and planning through to the event itself.

Incentive Management

We have a project team that specialises in helping you design and  deliver travel-based incentive programs for achieving  business goals. Our Incentive Managers manage and assist from first consultations, through delivery of the incentive, to measurement and assessment of the business outcomes, so that each new incentive may become more effective, and deliver more benefit to your business.

Travel Management

Continent Express is far more than just a travel agency. We do not “sell” you travel like an agent on commission. Rather we “buy” it on your behalf at best possible terms. And we manage the travel supply chain, on your behalf and in your interests, to lower your costs and raise service levels from travel suppliers.

We provide data, analysis and reports that are concise and meaningful. Our reports concentrate on savings and opportunities gained and lost. And they recommend practical improvements and strategies in the period ahead.


Travel Policy Compliance

Let us both help you design a right-sized travel policy; one that minimises costs while recognizing your culture and preferences. One that maximises savings within your specifications and needs. Then, let us help you to apply it exactly as you wish, to every booking, with full reporting of compliance and exceptions by type.

This is a powerful savings strategy.

Supply Management

As your travel manager, we are in place to ensure best deals and terms, and consistent service delivery from your travel suppliers. For example, we will negotiate hard to obtain best airfares and discounts from airlines, and best hotel rates. We will analyse, benchmark and then design and manage thorough airline and hotel tenders  for you, and then monitor and report on pricing and service levels. We work not for the suppliers but for you. We are here to save you money.

Data Consolidation

It is important that data is consolidated across borders, to enable you to manage strategically, and to obtain best supplier discounts. Continent Express can either be the lead consolidator, or can integrate with data consolidation systems and processes based in other countries. Our reporting is designed to accommodate consolidation.

Management Reports

Good travel management revolves around good reporting. We designed a reporting suite specifically to meet the needs of professional travel buyers. They will help you to track and maximise the several key internal and external savings generators. And reports are also added or customised according to your specific needs.

Fare Saving Reports

One set of reports worth highlighting. These reports are the basis for analysing spend and savings opportunities, broken down by several customizable parameters.

Travelers Profiles

Continent Express builds and maintains detailed profiles for each of your approved corporate travellers in our secure reservations system. Traveler identity, information and preference is then automatically applied to every booking.

Supply Chane Arbitration

When disputes and service failures occur, Continent Express will act on your behalf to quickly obtain a best outcome for you with suppliers.


Our regular mail-out to clients keeps them informed with the latest business travel news and information, industry changes, and travel management advice.

Cost saving program

Continent Express will build you a customised saving programs, that incorporates your budget and matches your exact business needs and culture. We provide processes that enable you to enforce and monitor compliance at the desired level, supported by concise targeted reporting.

Continent Express reduces your travel and travel costs without cutting into your competitive muscle.

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